Luxury Home Fragrance With An Elegant Touch

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A message from our founder

Hi there I’m Juda, the founder & owner of The Aromatary.

Firstly, a warm welcome to our website.

Home decor made with a touch of elegance, designed to enhance and compliment your home decor and not distract from it.

With reoccurring themes such as; neutral wood tones, white wax and ceramic as well as crystal clear glass we are sure they will look absolutely stunning in any home.
- Juda

Founder & Owner of The Aromatary

Editors Picks

  • Luxury scented reed diffusers

    Our diffusers simply radiate elegance with their crystal-clear glass vessels, natural wooden lids and 3 chunky natural colour reeds and packed with the luxury home fragrances our customers love.


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  • Perfumed Hand and Body Wash

    Introducing our perfumed Hand & Body Wash. A luxurious formula which gently cleanses and scents your skin. Each bottle is made with at least 30% recycled material and contains 250ml of wash. Can be used as a hand wash, body wash, shower gel or even as a bath soak as it produces the softest of bubbles. 


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Wooden wick candle care

So you've just bought your new favourite candle. 

You'll want to get the best hot throw and a nice clean burn from your candle.

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